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Page 110
AD205-207 This helpful Nurse is showing us how to cross the road in a 1970s Public Information film.
REAL742 Proof that uniform standards are still being upheld in the Private Sector. Scotland, mid-90s.
REAL744 Dental Nurse from a 1980s kids' book.
CAT315 a new style from Alexandra, from the Telekinesis site. Check out their details on the Suppliers Page.
CAT301 Cardigan and dress from Costume City.
REAL740  Nurse from an Open University broadcast.
REAL743 Scottish Private Sector Nurse, mid-90s,
REAL745 1980s Dental Nurse again.
CAT288 Aprons from
Costume City.
AD193 & 203 Two more Minarai Nurses.
CAT295 And we close the page with three more classics from Costume City.