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TV387-389 Three more shots of  Nurse Jenny from The Bill.
AD204 & 208 Zebra Crossing Nurse again,
REAL750 Veterinary Nurse and friend.
REAL751 Dental Nurse from 1980s kids' book
Johnny gets Root Canal Treatment.
REAL756-758 Nurses from one of the many NHS demonstrations in the 1980s.
REAL748 Puffy-sleeved Sister from the '50s.
REAL760 Irish Nurse from the 1970s. It's interesting to see a detatchable collar on a check dress.
Page 111
REAL761  A Nurse from the Moorfields Eye Hospital. Nice to see uniforms like this still being worn today.
CAT287 From
Costume City.
REAL753 WW2 Red Cross Nurse.