Page 112
REAL767 Sensible shoes as worn by a Student Nurse from the '70s. This one's a careers pic from the 1977 Angels Annual.
CAT293 Another new scan from
Costume City
REAL752 is from
Johhny gets Root Canal Treatment.
REAL765 Nurse from the late 80s.
AD209 From Nursing Times, this is the '80s
version of the National Uniform.
AD210 Found on the Net. I think she's American.
REAL764 An oldie from Nursing Times.
REAL746 Johnny's Dental Nurse once more.
REAL755 From the '40s.
REAL766 Bed-making in the 'National' in the early 1990s.
REAL72a Graeme's colourised this one. The original is on Page 12.
REAL762 Practice Nurse from Nursing Times.
AD211 & 212 Here's two pics of a South American Nurse. There's a b/w version of her on Page 45.
REAL729 And we close the page with a positive gesture from this happy Japanese Nurse.