Page 115
AD13  Here's one of my earlier scans, from a BNA leaflet.
CAT320 From an old Alexandra catalogue, sent by Max.
REAL789 A Naval Nursing Sister from the 1950s.
REAL785  Japanese Nurse.
DOC3 We start the page with a new Anita Harris scan.
REAL772 A Midwife from the Royal Naval Hospital, Gibralter.
CAT337 Another of Max's old
TV393 WW2 Nurse from
Invasion Earth.
You can see more scans from this series on Page 16.
AD214 PP Healthcare Midwives, from Dr.Phil.
TV394 District Nurses Jaquie &  Karen from Where the Heart Is, sent by Dr.Phil.
REAL776 & 777 Student Nurses from the late '50s.
REAL788 Here's a District Nurse from the '50s.
REAL778 Presenting...... the Three Wise Nurses.
REAL781 I don't need to tell you where these Nurses come from...