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REAL800-802 This beautiful QARNNS Sister marching at the Remeberence Day parade was scanned by Graeme. Thanks, mate.
REAL770 A Care Home Nurse.
REAL803 A strange-looking Scottish Nurse from the '60s.
Peter Sellers in drag?
AD222 Comes from
Nursing Times.
REAL796 An American Student Nurse from the '80s.
TV395 This Nurse is from the 1980s Canadian film
Strange Brew
CAT338 From the days when
models wore caps and belts. From Max.
CAT335 & 336 New syles from the Simon Jersey website. Check out their details on the Suppliers Page.
CAT325 From Costume City - where else?
REAL804 Spanish Nurses from the '60s.
REAL797 Australian Nurses from 1964.