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TV399 WW2 Navy Nurse from the 1967 film Submarine-X1.
TV396-398 This is what a Nurse from Doctor in Distress looks like from the rear. Scanned by Graeme with his new TV card.
TV400-408 From the 1963 film 80,000 Suspects, in which heroic chain-smoking doctors, ably assisted by these Nurses, save the city of  Bath from a Smallpox epidemic. Stirring stuff.
REAL806-808 Two newly-qualified Nurses from the early '90s.
REAL786 "Look, Yumi, we're finally on the famous Dr. Dycken's website!"
DOC2 A new pic of Anita Harris
AD218 A Nurse from Korea.
REAL798 Staff Nurse from Nursing Times.