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REAL828 & 829 Spanish Volunteer Nurses at Lourdes. These pics are from Uniman's site. Click on the link to see the full-size versions.
REAL805 An efficient looking USAF Nurse.
AD229 I think this Nurse comes from a Japanese CD cover.
REAL816-819 More Nurses from the University of Virginia Medical School, this time from the '60s and '70s.
REAL830 A Nurse from the '40s.
REAL831 & 832 Come from Nursing Times.
TV408 That girl from
, soon to appear in A&E.
TV410 Please put the Nurse down, Groucho.
REAL810 British Red Cross Nurse, WW2.
REAL812 German Red Cross Nurses from WW2.
REAL827 This Nurse comes from the Radio Times.