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Page 121
AD224 This Nurse wants to fix your PC. Scanned by
TV411 Jane Danson, sent by Chris. In the blurb for the new series of A&E, she says that her uniform is going to be shorter than Barbara Windsor's....
REAL790 RAF Nurse from the late '50s.
AD225 & 226 Two of the new BNA styles from Wessex Textiles. Check them out on the Suppliers Page.
AD231 Danish Nurse, sent by Claus.
REAL826 Two more Nurses from
TV413 Nurse Yvonne from  A&E.
AD230 Cover Nurse from Nursing Times.
REAL835 & 836, AD223 & 227 Four scans from Nursing Times. That's an interesting belt buckle.
REAL837 & 838 Some more of Claus's  Danish Nurses in action.