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Page 125
REAL854 Sarah sent me this marvellous picture from Nursing Standard, which accompanied a letter in favour of  Nurses returning to wearing recognisable uniforms.
REAL855 & 856 Nurses from the Royal Marsden Hospital, one from
and the other from Nursing Times.
DOC44 Another Anita Harris action shot.
TV423 Lesley Ash from Where the Heart is, sent by Chris.
CAT340 is from
Wessex Textiles
CAT348 From an old Alexandra catalogue, sent by Alper. Check out his moving testimonial to the Nursing Profession in my Guestbook.
REAL858 & 859 Two shots of the classic American uniform, sent by ChrisR.
TV420-422 Staying with the American theme, here's Barbara Bain (better known in the UK for Space1999) from a long-forgotten made-for-TV film, scanned by Graeme.