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REAL869 Irish Nurses celebrating their graduation. Early-mid '90s. From Graeme.
REAL868 Staff  Nurse from
Nursing Times
TV434 The fearsome Nurse Gladys Emmanuel from Open All Hours. By special request from Duncan.
The rest of the pictures on this page come from Sarah. She has a vast collection of  Nursing books, articles and magazines going back over 20 years, and I'll be showing more of her pictures as she sends them to me. From what she's sent so far, we're in for a real treat.
AD240 Staff from the Royal Masonic Hospital, 1990.
AD241 & 242 Two advertising images.
REAL861-863 Nurses from Addenbrookes' Hospital wearing the current uniform.
REAL864-867 Student Nurses from St.Thomas's Hospital, 1987.