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AD249* This pic comes from a 1999 issue of
Nursing Times
TV442-444 These Nurses appeared briefly in the 1972 film For the Love of Ada.
REA878 & 879 Two pics of British Army Nurses in Tropical kit, Jerusalem 1942 and  India 1945.
REAL876 From a recent Nursing Times.
REAL860 Dr.Phil's got himself a digital camera, and scanned this District Nurse.
REAL873 Nurse from Great Ormond Street Childrens' Hospital, late '80s. From Sarah.
CAT354 & 355 Two more scans from Max's old Alexandra Catalogue. Please send me your e-mail address, Max, as the one you've given me doesn't seem to work.
TV441 The old style Sister Duffy from Casualty, from Graeme.
REAL872 Staff Nurse from St. Thomas's Hospital, from Sarah.
TV445 US Naval Nurses, from Pearl Harbor.
REAL874 Nurses from Great Ormond St Hospital at Westminster Abbey in 1989 for the Ceremony of the Lamp, which celebrates Florence Nightingale's birthday. From Sarah.