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REAL901 Student Nurse from the Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot, 1980s.
REAL900 'National' with matching belt. 1980s.
AD250 Portrait of Nurse, Sitting. From Nursing Times.
REAL899 Nurse from Queen Mary's Hospital, Carshalton, 1980s.
AD255 From a '60s advert, this could be Carol Voordeman's mum.
REAL904 Student Nurse from the 1980s.
REAL898 Student Nurse from the 1940s.
AD252 comes from
Nursing Times
REAL907 Staff Nurse from the John Radcliffe Hospital,  1991. From Sarah.
AD251 & 256 Two scans sent by A.Non.
REAL893 Israeli Nurses from the 1940s.
AD232 "Who stole my pint?"
REAL887 Found on the Web.
REAL882 QARNNS Sister from WWII.