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ANG69-71 Just when I thought there were no more Angels pics to be had, I found this one of Fiona Fullerton on the cover of a Monica Dickens anthology, while Graeme sent me the video grabs.
TV466 This Nurse is from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, scanned by Graeme.
TV467 & 468 Two more from Graeme, this time from an episode of Drop the Dead Donkey.
REAL 934 Nurse from St.Thomas's Hospital in 1968.
AD253 Cheers!
REAL918 Two Nurses from the National TB Research Centre, 1950.
TV461 Diana Rigg again.
REAL929 Scanned by Sarah.
REAL937 Sister from Moorfields Eye Hospital, 2001.
REAL932 WWII Australian Army Nurse.
TV457 & 460 More Nurses from Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.
AD257 American Nurse, Found on the Web.