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TV479 & 480 If you've read my Words of Wisdom, you'll remember me going on about a '70s kids' TV series called Why Can't I Go Home. Graeme sent me these two scans of the very same uniform taken from an old
Benny Hill Show
REAL936 Found on the Web. From the style of  her cap, it looks like she's from the '50s.
TV483 & 484 Two more from Graeme. These Nurses are from '70s comedy series
Only When I Laugh
AD259 Nurse Kia, from Graeme.
REAL939 American Nurse, 1960s.
REAL935 & 941 Two more pics from A.Non.
TV481 Nurse from  '80s American TV show Quincey.
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REAL930 Sarah sent me this pic.
REAL942 Nurse from the late '60s/early '70s.
REAL944 Civilian Nurse from 1945.
REAL933 Student Nurse from 1952.
REAL945 Japanese Nurse Found on the Web.
REAL924 & 925 Nurse from the Royal Marsden Hospital, from the News.