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Page 141
ANG73 Shirley Cheriton as Staff Nurse Katy Smart from the 2nd series of Angels. Thanks, Jonathan.
DOC47 & 48 My new PC's got a DVD player, so here's two new shots of Anita Harris from the DVD of Carry On Doctor. You can expect Anita's Gallery to be completely re-scanned at some point.
REAL973 An American Nurse from the 1940s.
REAL969 Italian Student Nurses, from Duncan.
REAL971 American Student Nurses from 1968.
AD278 From a Private Healthcare brochure. Sent by Jonathan.
CAT364-368 Scans from the new Cloister catalogue. They've re-done their website, too. Check out their details on the
Suppliers Page
TV478 An off-duty Nurse from
Emergency Ward 10
. From
TV501 & 502 Sister and Nurse from the original Randall & Hopkirk series. From Graeme.