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Page 143
AD279* This one's from an old Mills & Boon cover.
REAL987 & 988 A late '90s Dental Nurse and two District Nurses, sent by Paul.
CAT369 Two more styles from the new Cloister Uniforms range.
REAL989 Practice Nurses, sent by Duncan.
REAL990 & 991 Two more District Nurses, from Paul.
REAL992-994 Here's some present-day Japanese Student Nurses at work and off-duty.
REAL995 Three Veterinary Nurses, from Duncan.
REAL985 & 986 Australian Nurses from the '60s.
AD270 Comes from a recent Nursing Times.
REAL996 Malaysian Student Nurses, from
TV531 This Nurse is from an old Norman Wisdom film. From
REAL997 Even more District Nurses, from Paul.