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Page 144
AD283-285 These three pics come from a 1960s Nurse Recruitment leaflet.
REAL1003 An American Nurse from the '40s.
This Nurse comes from an episode of  '70s TV series Return of the Saint. From Renaud.
REAL1001 Bart's Sister and Nurses from the '70s.
REAL1005 Staff Nurse from the Royal London Hospital, from Dr.Phil.
AD281&282 Found on the Web.
REAL972 Finnish Nurses from 1939. Sent by Duncan.
REAL974 A Canadian Nursing Sister from WWII.
REAL999 American Student Nurses from the '60s. Sent by Paul.
REAL1004 Student Nurses, from a recent Nursing Times.
REAL998 Winston gets a flag from a Red Cross Nurse.