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Page 147
REAL1018*& 1019 Nurses from the Royal London Hospital. Pictures taken in 1976 by Jonathan.
AD292 Found on the Web.
REAL1021-1023 A selection of Japanese Nurses, all Found on the Web.
REAL1013* & 1014 American Student Nurses from the 1940s. Sent in by Duncan. Interesting headgear.
REAL1006 & 1007 Army Nurses at Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey, late '90s. Sent by Sarah.
REAL1020 Australian Nurse from 2000.
REAL1032 Sent in by Paul.
TV545-547 This Nurse appeared in an episode of The Champions. Scanned by Renaud.
REAL1031 Nurse from Great Ormond St. Childrens' Hospital, in the old uniform. sent in by Paul.