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Page 72
NUR48 A new Shirley Eaton scan.
Two of the other Nurses from 'Carry On Again Doctor'.

TV270 Found on the Net
TV258,259&263 The last of Stuart and Graeme's
REAL506 Nurses from Frimley Park Hospital.
TV271 Here's Renee Zelwegger as Nurse Betty from the film of the same name. Thanks, Graeme..
REAL505 Two Canadian Nursing Sisters from WW2.
REAL441 Two  Japanese Nurses, from Rikki.
CAT204 From

AD128 This Nurse just loves her
Pot Noodles
. TV advert, 1977.
NUR49 The last of my
'Carry On Nurse'
AD126 Danish Nurse, from Claus..