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MAT1B Jaquie Piper, Pretty in Pink. Colourised by Yours Truly.
AD131 This one sent by Graeme..
CAT208,209 & 211 Three more gems from Costume City.
TV276,277&278 The formidable Nurse Brace from 'Reach for the Sky'.
TV290 It's the one who looks like Juliet Mills again.
ANG42 The Gang's All Here.
ANG45 Karan David as Nurse Sita Patel.
ANG48 Lesley Dunlop as Nurse Ruth Fullman.
More Angels to begin with - these come from the 1977 Angels Annual, which was based on the first series and featured them in their original uniforms. There's plenty more to these pages.
Page 74
ANG49 The Girls in Black and White.
ANG50 Clare Clifford as Nurse Shirley Brent.
ANG51 Nurses Pat Rutherford and Maureen Morahan.