Page 75
Here's a whole page of  scans from the 1977 Angels Annual
ANG47 Fiona Fullerton as Nurse Pat Rutherford.
ANG44 Claire Clifford as Nurse Shirley Brent.
ANG59 The girls grace the front cover.
ANG55 Jo, Pat and Maureen with some babies.
ANG60 Ruth and Pat in a similar shot to ANG40 (Page 73), but in a slightly different pose.
ANG46 Julie Dawn Cole as Nurse Jo Longhurst.
ANG43 Erin Geraghty as Nurse Maureen Morahan.
ANG54 Smile for the camera, girls.
ANG53 Ruth looking cheerful.
ANG52 Pat looking busy.
ANG58 Sita looking enigmatic.
ANG65 Ruth looking pixelly.
ANG56 & 57 Erin and Pat off duty.
ANG63 & 64 The girls at work.