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Page 77
MAT26-29 Four new scans of everybody's favourite Chirpy Cockney Sparrow, it's Barbara Windsor as Nurse Susan Ball from 'Carry On Matron'.
REAL513&514 Two American and English Graduation ceremonies from the '50s,  Sent by Graeme. Just look at those huge hems on the English uniforms, they look like they're recycled Victorian dresses.
REAL515 Here's an American Nurse's Graduation picture from the '70s.
REAL516 This Nurse has managed to get some petrol. From Dr.Phil.
REAL508 Nursing by the sea, from
Nursing Times
REAL512 WW2 Nurses being shown how to fit a baby into a gasmask.
CAT213 & 214 Tunics from Costume City.

REAL519 Sister from WW2.
REAL520 Lunch break.