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REAL536 Another Staff Nurse from 'Nursing Times'.
REAL535 A no-nonsense Staff Nurse from 'Nursing Times'.
REAL533 Practice Nurse from the mid-90s,
REAL534 A Nurse from the 1970s.
TV285-288 Four scans from the 1962 short film, 'Emergency'. It had nothing to do with strange Oriental Nurses running from the Army (see Page 15), it was a remake of the 1952 film 'Emergency Call' . Take a look at pics TV171-175 on Pages 39 & 40 to see how the uniforms have changed in 10 years.
AD135 Found on the Net.
CAT224 Found on the Net.
CAT230& 231 Two tunics from Nurse-Care Uniforms. Check them out on my Suppliers Page.