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Page 83
REAL555 QARNNS Sisters from 1951.
REAL552 & 553 A nurse from City Hospital.
REAL539 An American nurse's graduation pic. 1970s.
TV301-303 Three scans from an episode of 'Bergerac'.
REAL558 From 'Nursing Times'.
TV307&308  As I've said before, 'Heartbeat' is a really awful programme; but it does, however,  feature District Nurse Maggie Bolton, as played by Kazia Pelka.
REAL559 From Japan.
TV304 Disapproving Sister, from the same episode of 'Bergerac'.
AD136 From Mills & Boon, late '70s.
AD137 From the 1950s. Looks like a paperback cover to me.
REAL551 Found on the Net.
TV306 Emma Thompson from the film 'The Tall Guy'.