Page 91
TV324,325,327 & 328 Here's Caroline Quentin as Dorothy from 'Men Behaving Badly', scanned by Martin.
REAL603 & 604 American Student Nurses from the '50s.
AD160 Found on the Web.
AD158 Found on the Web.
MAT34 Babs in outdoor mode.
TV321 Army Nurse from
'The English Patient'.
REAL612 More of those marching Japanese Nurses.
TV329 Nurse Claire from 'Game On'. Scanned by Martin.
AD164 Found on the Web.
TV330 & 331 Two more of Martin's excellent scans. These are from the 1999 kids' show,
. Shame about the naff wig and cap; but check out TV20 on Page 4 to see her without them.
CAT243 An unusual view from Doris's site.
AD155 Found on the Web.