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Page 95
REAL638 This is what Nurses at Charing Cross Hospital were wearing in 1987.
REAL633 WW2 Nurse with a piece of the bomb that hit her hospital.
TV342 & 362 Two more pics from 'Heartbeat'.
REAL635 American Nurse from the 1950s.
REAL637 A Student Nurse from Taiwan.
TV344 The Sister from
'Carry On Regardless'.
REAL634 Italian Red Cross Nurse.
REAL629 WW2 Red Cross Nurse.
CAT244-247 Some new scans from Costume City. Check them out on the Suppliers Page.
REAL636 Another Charing Cross Nurse from 1987.
TV346 Another shot from
'Carry On Regardless'.
TV357 & 358 Two more scans from 'Doctor In Distress'.