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REAL662 & 663 I've been looking at some of my old videos and found these pics of the Bart's Hospital Nurse previously seen on Page 4. She was being interviewed about the hospital's impending closure, so this would date from around 1997/98.
REAL659 "Let's do the show right here!"
REAL654-658  Four scans from the BBC's 'RCN Nursing Update'.
REAL653 This one's from 'Nursing Standard'.
CAT250  is from
Montagu Designs.
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REAL628 An American WW2 Nurse from
CAT248 & 249 Two more new pics from Costume City.
REAL640 From the BBC's 'Working in Health and Care'.
REAL661 Found on the Web.
REAL639 A retired nurse in her 70s has just started work on the wards again. This is how she looked when she was a student in the '40s.
REAL660 Found on the Web.